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We all know that our body needs proper care, but did you know that your smile needs attention, too? Yes, it’s true! Your smile is an essential asset to your life and needs to be treated with care to stay healthy through the years. If you neglect your smile, you can be setting yourself up for future oral health problems that could have been avoided.

At our practice, our dentist and team are happy to help you with your oral health care needs. That is why we are ready to share some information with you about how you can correctly care for your smile.

Here are some smile care tips:
– Visit our dentist for routine checkups and biannual professional cleanings.
– Mouthwash is a non-abrasive tool that can keep your mouth clean after eating.
– If you should ever suffer any form of dental damage due to a tooth hazard, visit Dr. Robert J Land for the appropriate repairs.
– Brushing is extremely important for ensuring that your teeth are well cared for. Brush twice every day.
– To reach areas that your brush cannot, use interdental cleaning tools, such as dental floss, every day.
– To enhance the color of your smile, you can receive a professional teeth whitening treatment.

As you can see, your smile can be kept in excellent health if you strive to follow these guidelines. If you have questions about your smile, or if you are concerned about maintaining your oral health in Yuma, Arizona, please call us today at 928-726-1700 to make an appointment. We look forward to having you in our care.