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Teeth that suffer from significant dental stains or discolored tooth enamel can rarely be improved by the retail level tooth whitening products sold in stores. It’s also worth noting that excess use of these items, can potentially harm your tooth enamel or cause significant irritation to soft oral tissues.  

In some of these cases, a dental bleaching treatment performed at Robert J Land, DDS’s can safely remove dental stains. Yet if you struggle to address the cause of the dental stains, the professional whitening effect will only be temporary.

Should this prove to be the case Dr. Robert J Land and his associates might recommend replacing the faces of each tooth in your smile with dental veneers. This cosmetic dental work is created special dental grade porcelain material to closely resemble bright, white, natural tooth enamel.

Once they have been created in a professional dental lab, Dr. Robert J Land will cement them onto the faces of your teeth. This will provide you with a glistening white smile that will also resist future dental stains.

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