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Every year, athletes suffer serious oral injury by deciding not to wear sports mouth guards. These oral injuries can be prevented with the simple diecious to wear a protective oral appliance that protects the teeth and jaws. We encourage you to learn more about sports mouth guards to save your smile during a sports game or practice.

Sports mouth guards are beneficial for activities of all kinds, from football, tennis and baseball to gymnastics. Wearing a mouth guard can keep the teeth safe in the event that a ball or elbow strikes your mouth. Otherwise, you could experience serious dental damage such as tooth fracture, lost or displaced teeth, bitten lips and cheeks and jaw fracture.

There are three main options for sports mouth guards, the most basic being a stock mouth guard available in three sizes at a sporting goods stores. Second is a boil and bite mouth guard that you soak in hot water so you can mold it to your smile before each game. The third option is a custom-made sports mouth guard, which is custom designed to be comfortable and fit well so that it doesn’t affect your speech or breathing.

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